Why You’re Not Generating More Revenues by Improving CX (And What You Can do About it)


If your retail customer experience isn’t top notch, your customers will not keep shopping with you. It’s that simple. Today’s retail customers want an out-of-this-world shopping experience.

Earn your customers’ loyalty and increase your revenues by focusing on what makes your brand stand out from the crowd. How do you wow your customers? Here are some strategies to add to your retail customer experience (CX) arsenal.

Make The Retail Customer Experience Easier

Product development has now joined price in taking a back seat to the customer’s overall CX. Having a superior product does you little good if you don’t provide superior service. Today’s customers have unlimited retail options to meet their needs, online and offline. Making their experience your priority keeps your brand at the top of their list of choices.

Improve your CX, and drive traffic to your website, application and the front door with the promise of a better experience than your competitors can provide. Drive growth and increase revenues by providing outstanding customer service. Anyone can be ordinary. What makes your customers’ experiences stand out from the crowd?

Those are the points to focus on to begin improving your CX index.

Enhancing retail CX can increase revenues by as much as 10%, which can have a major effect on your company’s bottom line. Here are some innovative solutions to help improve your CX game and exceed your customers’ expectations at every turn.

  • Marketing – Design marketing campaigns that send clear messages and calls to action to your retail customers. Let them know the details of what next steps they should take. Create campaigns that encourage customer engagement, and offer incentives to make them feel like a part of your retail brand story.
  • Value – Let your customers know you value their business. Give them a token of appreciation to encourage brand loyalty. Encourage them to create user-generated content by showing them interacting with your brand.
  • Training – Retail brands should require CX training at all levels. To provide the best, focus on creating an internal CX. A positive one will transfer to your external customers when they see how employees appreciate your brand.
  • Contact Center – Staff your inbound and outbound contact centers with friendly and knowledgable customer service agents to quickly respond to customer inquiries.

Remove obstacles and complete the buyer’s journey

  • Fewer boundaries – Provide symmetry in online and offline options by giving customers an identical experience when shopping by either method. Using a combination of online and offline services removes boundaries for customers and makes it easier for them to begin their shopping experience and have access to the same products and services.
  • Flexible options – Offer flexible options for customers who use more than one medium for completing their purchases. Make options such as delivery and in-store returns available to make it easier for them to exchange or return items.
  • Risk elimination – Eliminate the risk of lost sales from your customer’s journey by providing superior CX. Develop programs and initiatives that focus solely on managing and creating outstanding experiences for your external customers. Train your employees (internal customers) on what it means to provide superior service on a consistent basis.

Back-end technologies and processes

  • Fluid payment options – Provide customers with a variety of payment options to complete their retail purchases online and in-store. Many of today’s customers prefer contactless payment systems and debit or credit cards to complete their purchases. Equip all of your retail points of interactions to handle a variety of options.
  • Streamlined processes – To keep your retail brand at the forefront of your customers’ minds, it’s critical that back-end processes are streamlined to avoid breaks in service. Brands should establish a universal set of protocols to manage online and in-store inventory. Clear instructions should be available for customers at every point of contact. Making instructions clear and posting them strategically will ensure that your customers know what steps to take to complete their shopping journey.
  • Shorter customer journey – With online shopping, the customer journey has become more complex. Today’s customers have a more flexible shopping experience than ever before, with access to a variety of options for completing the buying process. They can shop online, in-store and with mobile devices 24 hours a day.

Final Thoughts

Now that you’ve reviewed the retail shopping experience, you’re one step closer to improving your CX, and your revenues as a result. Want more information or advice?

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