Why You Don’t Need To Work Long Hours To Overcome Digital Marketing Pain Points

If you’re a digital marketer, you already know the value of communicating clear messages to your target audience. There are some areas, however, in which all marketers face challenges at one point or another, pain points if you will within the digital marketing space.

Here are ways to identify and overcome digital marketing pain points to improve your customer experience (CX).

Lack of Internal Alignment

Having all internal departments on the same page is critical to digital marketing success. Today’s marketers face at least three common issues, but there are solutions:

  1. Communication problems– All departments, not just marketing, should know the latest marketing initiatives in advance. Notifying key staff and department heads will allow for planning content, product placement and providing service for qualified leads resulting from the campaign.
  2. Inconsistent messaging – Marketing messages should be the same and easily understood across all digital channels. The best way to accomplish that is to create a marketing strategy that focuses on accomplishing one specific task at a time. Once you’ve decided what message you want to send to your target audience, share it with all digital departments. Track performance and customer sentiment using customer feedback and social cues such as likes, follows and shares.
  3. Value proposition – What makes your brand outstanding in providing superior service? Figure out where your brand excels, and communicate that value to your intended audience through marketing campaigns. Be prepared to deliver on your value proposition by following up with superior products, services and CX.

Common Innovation Barriers

Today’s technology moves at a rapid pace. To keep up, be sure you have access to the right tools to create, execute and analyze your digital marketing campaigns. Let’s look at some common innovation barriers and how to resolve them.

  • Technology – How do you keep track of your customers and marketing-campaign performance? Having a central point of reference such as customer relationship management (CRM) systems provides valuable information about how your brand is doing. Use technology to track and measure your digital campaigns’ performances. Having a global view will answer many questions about customer sentiment related to your brand while highlighting areas for improvement.
  • Fear – Don’t be afraid to make a mistake. You can always tweak marketing materials and social media messages to meet customer expectations, but you have to start. Marketing innovators aren’t afraid to take risks and change their marketing game from the inside out. The upshot is that you have to get in the game. You can always make improvements.
  • Lack of testing – Be proactive and test your marketing campaign and strategy on a focus group or other selected unbiased group to reveal sentiment about your brand. Testing marketing messages on a smaller group before launching publicly gives you an opportunity to make critical adjustments in advance. Be sure to test the strategy by tweaking one area at a time. Doing so helps you get closer to reaching your marketing goals without reinventing the wheel.
  • Flawed customer insights – Today’s customers don’t have time to decipher the messaging behind your brand. Make sure you’re sharing clear messaging that answers common questions. FAQs are a good way to provide step-by-step instructions for your customers to follow to complete their customer journey online (independently) through your digital channels.
  • Faulty data – Having access to reliable data is crucial to the success of your marketing campaigns. Verify that the data you’re sharing with customers is accurate and related to their needs. Use reputable data sources and verify that the information is accurate before sharing it your customers on your websites, blogs and especially in your marketing campaigns.
  • Duplicate accounts – Conduct a digital audit to determine what information is showing up in search engines for your brand. Eliminate duplicate accounts for social media, blogs and other outdated content. Removing duplicate accounts will prevent your customers from being confused if they happen on old or outdated information.
  • Unmet needs – Addressing your customer’s needs is your priority. Be sure to collect digital-customer feedback in the form of surveys, email marketing and social media channels. Analyze it to learn what customer needs are and make adjustments based on their preferences so you can meet those needs and develop long-term customer loyalty.


Now that you have some clear insights into how to resolve some of your most-pressing digital marketing pain points, feel confident when strategizing and executing your upcoming campaigns. Want help to get started? Contact an EagleONE marketing and CX expert today.

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