Search Engine Optimization – 5 reasons why SEO matters in 2019

Search engine optimization is a collection of strategies you can implement to get your pages and content to rank higher in search results for relevant keywords and search phrases. Best practices have evolved as search engines develop better algorithms that assess value and quality more accurately, but SEO is just as important as ever in 2019.

A search engine optimization campaign can become a powerful tool for lead generation and is a crucial component of a successful online presence. Here are five reasons to invest time and efforts into SEO in 2019.

SEO is quantifiable

Search engine optimization is a quantifiable approach to inbound marketing since you can review traffic numbers and keyword analytics. The quantifiable aspect of SEO allows you to identify new keywords you should target, track your results and develop an actionable plan to get more traffic and generate more targeted leads.


On average, 40% of revenues are in some way connected to organic traffic. Combined with quality content and strong calls to action, your search engine optimization campaign will increase the ROI of your other marketing efforts.

For instance, implementing an SEO strategy to drive traffic to your blog posts will increase the number and quality of the leads generated by your content marketing efforts.

SEO and lead generation

Over half of queries made on search engines use four words or more. Those longer queries express specific needs from users who are engaged in a research or buying journey, and providing content that addresses those needs will help you generate quality targeted leads.

Using local keywords in your SEO campaigns helps you target local users, which can turn into valuable leads for your brick-and-mortar location.

Pay-per-click ads vs. organic search

Between 16 and 20% of searches on Google are unique terms or phrases that have never been used before. SEO helps you reach those users who are looking up terms outside of the scope of your PPC campaigns.

SEO is a cost-effective approach to boosting traffic compared to PPC campaigns. You can use optimized content to target the high-cost keywords for your niche, target a broader range of keywords and phrases without increasing your budget and benefit from the legitimacy of organic results.

SEO has some advantages over PPC campaigns, but you will get better results if you use both strategies. You can use the same analytics and keyword research to inform your SEO and PPC campaigns.

Establish credibility and trust

Did you know that 32% of users click on the first result that Google returns? While PPC ads are displayed above the top search results, users associate credibility and trust with high-ranking organic results.

Getting your content to rank higher in search results and developing strong reputation signals and social proof will help you establish yourself as an expert in your niche.

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