The Customer Service Revolution 5 Strategies to Improve Social Media Experience

The latest trend in customer service is the adoption of the omnichannel model. Giving customers the ability to reach out to a representative via their preferred channel is a great experience, and it allows them to get the help they need quickly and conveniently.

Here are five strategies to successfully integrate social media into your omnichannel model.

Customer Service: Understand how your audience wants to connect

Determine which channels are relevant for your target audience. One study found that 19% of Twitter users use the platform for customer service, but an increasing number of them are turning to messaging apps.

Between 2016 and 2018, 67% of users reported an increase in their use of messaging apps like Messenger and Whatsapp. A little over half said that those apps had replaced other forms of communication.

Prioritize human interactions

Social media gives you an opportunity to deliver interactions that feel human and authentic. Customers want to be valued and understood. You can deliver that kind of experience by moving away from scripts and training your customer service representatives so they feel comfortable engaging in less formal interactions.

Speed matters

The omnichannel customer service model is creating new expectations. Customers now expect to get an answer fast when they reach out to a brand.

Among Twitter users, 24% think speed is the most important factor in a good customer service experience. When Twitter users reach out to brands, 53% of them expect to receive a response within an hour or less.

Getting a fast answer increases the chances of a user sharing positive feedback about your brand and recommending it.

Address negative experiences

Social media has changed the relationship between brands and customers. In the past, any problems that arose typically remained between a customer and the brand.

With social media, customers can recommend a brand to an audience, advise their followers against buying a product, connect with users who had similar experiences and even live-tweet about their experience with a brand.

You can address negative experiences using these strategies:

  • Monitor social media for content about your brand.
  • Be responsive and reach out if a user mentions your brand.
  • Offer to make things right.
  • Follow up to make sure the solution was satisfactory.
  • If there is a broader issue, acknowledge it, apologize and detail the steps taken to address the problem.

Learn from social media

Metrics can provide you with valuable insights into engagement, activities and users’ preferred way to connect with your brand. Use that information to shape future social media marketing efforts.

Social media is an effective way to start conversations about important issues and learn more about the things that matter to an audience. Your findings could influence your mission statement, core values or new product development.

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