“Build a corporate culture where taking chances and the inherent mistakes that come along with them are not just tolerated, but they are celebrated.”

Teams that feel safe and supported by management perform better

This is a reprint of the Management Advice 2019 blog “The ABCs of Solving Sales Problems – 3B’s” series written in 2019

I have several favorite Spanish colloquialisms that I’ve learned over the years that inspire me, make me laugh and make me consider the wonders of the various cultures around the world. People are very curious indeed!

One I often revisit is “Querer es Poder” – literally translated it means “to want is to do”. But any language lover knows, there’s always more to the story…it’s actually used to express something much more commonly appreciated in English – “where there’s a will there’s a way”.

C’mon, Mike! What’s this have to do with my sales?!

Bear with me, bear with me…

In the 3 “B” article I talked about Belief, Buy-In and Benchmarks. What I didn’t have room for are some of the important subtleties that are critical to consistent team productivity:

Benevolence, Belly Flops & Boldness

Guess what Ms. Business Owner, Mr. Sales Manager? This all begins with YOUR A-T-T-I-T-U-D-E.

The benevolence you show to your team will permeate your company and its culture like water or smoke. So will the lack of it. And it’s important that you not only show it openly to the people who work for you, but that you also allow your team to visibly and repeatedly demonstrate this when talking about, and working for, your clients. Remember the whole “put people first” thing? Your clients are people, too.

You really need to OWN that.

As for belly flops and boldness, those two always work together. And they also go back to attitude. Build a corporate culture where taking chances and the inherent mistakes that come along with them are not just tolerated, but they are celebrated.


Because if your staff and your best subject matter experts can go boldly without fear of politics or internal repercussions (obviously you must set some guidelines), imagine what they can accomplish for you, and more importantly, for your clients. The creative juices will not only flow, they will be channeled in a way that irrigate both your internal culture and the results your clients can expect in ROI for the services you provide them.

Be sincerely kind, take chances, and embrace what you can learn from mistakes. Having the will to succeed will find the way, but the path WILL NOT be easy or straight. Embrace it.

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