Social Media: How to Create an Engaging Marketing Strategy

The average American spends 2.4 hours on social media networks each day. Those networks have become a relevant channel for raising brand awareness, helping users discover new products and building loyalty through user-generated content.

You can get the most out of social networks by developing a marketing strategy designed to engage users and deliver memorable experiences.

Social Media Marketing: Set goals and track metrics

Brands need a suitable channel for awareness. These channels can help achieve that goal because it is easy to connect with people and create relationships through it. Besides awareness, more possibilities are appearing as more platforms integrate shopping options. According to HubSpot, 71 percent of consumers are “more likely to purchase when referred by social media.”

You need to establish clear and measurable goals with a time frame for your marketing strategy. Assessing social proof can be difficult, but there are other tangible metrics you can track:

  • Audience growth rate.
  • Average post reach.
  • Engagement rates.
  • Brand mentions.
  • Click-through rate.
  • Conversion rate.

Focus on your audience’s Social Media networks and trends

Define your target audience and establish the best way to reach it. Develop different buyer personas with information about the social networks they are likely to use, the motivation behind their decision to follow a brand and the kind of content they see as engaging.

It’s also important to keep up with trends. Storifying is one of the latest trends that generates daily engagement from users.

Develop a content creation and posting schedule on Social Media

Use metrics to figure out the best time to post to generate engagement and identify the types of content that can help you achieve your goals.

Each platform is slightly different. Instagram users are more active between 1 and 5 p.m., while Facebook users are likely to scroll through their timelines around 9 a.m. when they first get online.

We recommend using a mix of different formats for your content, including videos, images, text posts, short messages with emojis and poll questions.

Generate engagement on Social Media

Engagement is a crucial element of customer loyalty and word-of-mouth marketing. Your presence could become very valuable if you can get endorsements from customers since 92 percent of people trust recommendations from people they know.

Here are some strategies to boost engagement:

  • Tell stories. Engage your audience by telling authentic stories through visually engaging content and by developing a tone and narrative for your content.
  • Use the platforms for customer service. Representatives can communicate with customers by answering a tweet or using Facebook Messenger.
  • Create genuine human connections. Don’t offer default answers when interacting with users and make sure each user gets a personalized response.
  • Leverage user-generated content. Reward users who create it by thanking them and develop a community by sharing that content. Create hashtags so users can easily create and explore user-generated content.

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