Should You Outsource Lead Generation? 3 Easy Ways to Generate More Marketing-Qualified Leads

Now that we’ve officially entered the new year, you may be thinking about changing your marketing, customer experience, lead generation and inbound marketing strategies for 2020. (And if you’re thinking about outsourcing your strategy for 2020, you’re not the only one.)

According to HubSpot, “at least 85% of marketers say that lead generation is their most important content marketing goal.” If your business falls into this category, pay close attention. In this article, we give you the inside scoop on customer experience based outsourcing strategies.

We also talk about three key reasons outsourcing your efforts to subject-matter experts may be the next best step for your decision-making team to take.

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1. Outsourcing your lead generation efforts saves time

Lead generation is the process of generating qualified buyers’ interest in your company’s products or services. If you ask top business decision-makers, this is one of the most important components of a successful marketing strategy.

This is a major reason top brands and savvy marketers are placing lead generation high on their priority lists this year. In most cases, marketing-qualified leads (MQLs) equal new customers. In the long run, new customers equal more revenue (and hopefully brand ambassadors) for your business.

When you outsource your efforts, you free up more time to work on other critical aspects of your business, like improving your customer experience, social media strategy or operating procedures.

2. Save money and reduce costs by outsourcing lead generation

It may seem odd to suggest that you can save money by spending money, but in this case, it appears to be true. Using outsourced lead generation services gives your marketing and sales teams consistent and reliable access to pre-screened, marketing-qualified leads.

This means your sales team will have more opportunities to convert qualified marketing prospects into customers – with none of the heavy lifting required.

When you partner with the experts, your business can realize tremendous cost savings. Marketing-qualified leads can be delivered fresh to your inbox, without the headache of having to hire and train new experts in-house.

3. Gain a competitive edge – partner with outsourcing lead generation experts

One of the best benefits of outsourcing is that you gain immediate access to highly qualified and trained lead generation experts. Professional lead-generation experts handle your strategy, marketing and execution using the latest marketing, social media and email lead-generating techniques.

You may rightly be wondering how your business can generate more leads. But this question places you
among the 63% of companies reporting that their top marketing challenges are generating traffic and leads – a better question might be “Can your business afford not to outsource your strategy?”

If you’re ready to trust your strategy to the experts, give EagleONE a call. EagleONE offers comprehensive marketing solutions that drive the customer experience, enhance leads and get results.

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