Improve Your B2C Retail Customer Experience in 3 Easy Steps!

Today’s customers are more savvy and have more access to information than ever. As a result, it’s up to businesses to provide them with the retail customer experience they’re looking for, one that stands out from the crowd. After all, retail customers know they have the upper hand.

Keep reading to learn three easy ways to take your retail customer experience to the next level.

Be proactive in the retail customer’s experience

Waiting until you see a decline in sales or a barrage of negative customer reviews online is a huge mistake. With so many retail options available, customers stop doing business with brands based on poor retail customer experience alone. Savvy brands apply new strategies to improve that experience, keep their customers and increase revenues.

Therefore, businesses must anticipate customer needs and use key performance indicators (KPIs), along with customer feedback to meet your customers where they are. If you want to stay in the game, make the retail customer experience your priority. Put yourself in your customers’ position so you can provide them with the experience you’d like to have.

With an influx of information from so many digital channels, it’s very easy for customers to become sidetracked by having access to so much information. Make your customer journey seamless by streamlining your products, services and marketing messages across all digital channels and offline customer contacts.

Streamline processes and services across in-store points of contact to ensure that information regarding products and services is easily accessible. Post clear signage and key personnel in retail locations to provide clear instructions to help customers complete their buyer’s journey without effort.

Focus on providing added value for your customers by proactively answering pertinent FAQs on your company website or blog. Answering commonly asked questions in advance gives customers a better customer experience. Make sure you have polite, friendly and knowledgeable customer experience agents staffing your inbound contact centers.

If you don’t have the capability in-house to keep up with emails, text, chat and phone calls, consider outsourcing all or part of the customer support function to an agency primarily focused on providing great customer service.

Use data

Taking advantage of available data is one of the best ways to learn how customers feel about your brand. High-performing inbound contact centers make it a point to follow these processes to collect, analyze and test data:

  • Collect – Collect data from all customer contacts online, in-store and at the call center level to identify and stay on track with KPI goals. Collect feedback from them regarding their experience with your brand’s products and services. Make necessary adjustments based on the feedback.
  • Analyze – Understand your customer sentiment by analyzing KPI-related feedback to learn what you’re doing well and where there’s room for improving that experience. How is your customer-service department doing?
  • Test – Design marketing campaigns, landing pages and other digital customer points of contact that have the flexibility for testing. Use A/B testing to determine which content your customers prefer.

Apply detailed insight

Now that you’ve learned how to use data and customer feedback to your advantage, it’s time to dig down into it to develop a long-term winning strategy. Follow these steps to take your customer-experience strategy to the next level:

  • Isolate variables – Determine which processes are winning and where you’re falling short in achieving critical KPIs to increase customer satisfaction. Monitor critical areas such as employee satisfaction, product quality and the retail store environment.
  • Strategize – Develop strategies based on feedback and data collected from all contact points. Pay attention to what customers are asking for so you can identify key areas for improvement.
  • Execute and repeat – Once you’ve found your preferred customer-experience formula, execute your strategy and repeat the process as needed. Remember to remain flexible and tweak your formula as customers’ needs change.

Final thoughts

Now that you’ve identified how to improve your B2C customer experience, you can feel more confident when planning and executing your customer experience strategy. Want help in creating strategies to enhance your customer’s retail experience?

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