Positive P’s to Remember in Unprecedented Times

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[et_pb_column type=”4_4″][et_pb_text admin_label=”Text”]In this new world we are living in, it is easy to find bad news. More deaths, more cases of infection, more closed businesses, more restrictions on our freedoms, more, more, more….BAD NEWS.

I wanted to take a moment to offer some thoughts on behalf of EagleONE that is just the contrary, some GOOD NEWS, for a change. I have no agenda other than to offer some light in the darkness, some facts in this time of uncertainty, just one view of reality that is real and honest, not skewed to fit a political agenda or raise our ratings.

  1. Persevere

While we have seen a loss in business these past weeks, especially from our clients who were ordered to shut down, we are choosing to operate as close to “normal” as we can, including continuing to service our clients, and looking towards the horizon for them and for us. Here’s what’s interesting though…other companies are doing that as well. We are continuing to have good, productive business discussions with prospects, and we are signing new clients. Business people, and I think Americans in general, know that “this too shall pass” and we owe it to each other to stay the course.

  1. Pick Up Others

As business leaders we need to look out for our clients who are struggling and for our own people. My spiritual mentor, Jerry Sasson, once told me, when the chips are down, ask yourself, “Who needs me more than I need me?” In other words, turn all your attention outward and focus on how to help. Doing things like forgiving contractual obligations for the short-term and doing your best to give all of your employees some work, if possible, will not only make our world better when we come through this, but it will make us all feel a little better.

  1. Pray

No matter what your religion, or by what name you call God, I’d encourage you to pray. And bring others along with you. For more than a week now I have led a “Noon Rosary” and have asked other to spread the word. At Noon EST each day, people from all over the country call in to join in prayer together, praying for all those who have been impacted – those impacted in health and those impacted in business. The plan is to pray for everyone – every nation, creed, ethnicity, religion – we are a global community, and everyone deserves our prayer. (The number is 513.494.7995 if you’d ever like to join us.)

  1. Prospect

Yes, you read that right, prospecting. We are a client agnostic business. So, while we empathize with our clients who are brick and mortar business to consumer businesses, we also have E-commerce businesses, who are thriving right now, and business-to-business clients. Here’s the good news- despite all the awful news we hear each day, the business leaders of America are resilient, and they are TALKING. We are helping clients book appointments, host webinars and demos, all in the interest of continuing business. And we measure daily the KPIs. Bottom line: our activities for these clients are at normal or above normal levels. The data doesn’t lie, and it’s what gives this business owner a real sense of hope and helps me keep my eyes on the horizon.

I don’t have a crystal ball, I don’t have some gut instinct that your should bet your business on. But I do know that if business people are talking, then they are already thinking about what’s next, what do we do to get back on our feet and get this economy, and the economy of the world, cranking again.

From me to you – stay the course, do what you can to help your fellow human being, recognize there is power in prayer, and look at the horizon – WE WILL GET THERE![/et_pb_text][/et_pb_column]