Outsourcing Customer Service For a Better Customer Experience

The customer experience (CX) is the totality of a customer’s interactions with the brand and its products. It encompasses consuming online content, shopping, using one of the brand’s products and contacting customer service, among many other steps.

The right “experience” is one of providing customers or sales leads with assistance, a dvice and support. It’s one of a business’ most important interactions. In fact, 90% of Americans determine if they will do business with a brand again based on the quality of the customer service they received.

People usually seek a customer service agent when they encounter a product or service pain point. That interaction is your business’ chance to make things right, retain a customer and deliver an amazing experience.

How to improve customer service quality

What do customers expect when contacting support? For 33% of consumers, getting their issue resolved in a single interaction is a priority, while 31% want to speak with a knowledgeable representative.

There are some common barriers that prevent businesses from meeting and exceeding those expectations. They include costs, call volume, training, lack of access to relevant customer data and interactions that feel scripted.

By outsourcing customer service, you can address those challenges. Outsourcing frees up time and resources for other core business activities and helps you manage costs. It gives you access to professionals who can assist customers while delivering positive human interactions.

Choosing the right customer service partner

Customer service is one of the many aspects of the customer experience, and those critical interactions have the potential to fix a damaged relationship. It could be a customer who had a negative experience, or to reinforce the idea that a satisfied customer has made the right choice with your product or brand.

To improve relationships with your clients and prospects, find a customer service partner who delivers an omnichannel experience. Customers should be able to choose how they contact your brand and should have consistent experiences across different channels.

As 90% of customers expect an immediate response, you need to have representatives monitor different channels, including chat, email, social media and phones around the clock. You can also benefit from choosing a customer service partner with experiencing in lead generation and digital marketing.

Quality over quantity

Growth doesn’t come from generating a huge number of leads or selling products to as many new customers as possible. The truth is, customer acquisition costs a lot more than retention.

Nurturing customer relationships will improve customer lifetime value. That strategy will result in repeat purchases, and customers will probably make larger purchases. Moreover, they will also become advocates for your brand and products.

The right customer service partner can help you with acquisition by identifying the best prospects for your brand and while delivering outstanding assistance.

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