How Your Outsourced Call Center Partner Enhances Customer Experience

Customer Experience for Eagle 1 Group

Customer satisfaction is a metric that influences 53% of marketing decisions. Marketers understand the value of that metric because the quality of a customer’s experience determines whether or not they will continue using a company’s products or services.

It’s crucial to meet customers’ expectations when they have questions or need assistance while creating a human connection with a customer service representative. You can deliver an amazing customer experience by choosing the right outsourced call center partner.

The importance of positive customer experiences

Customers can easily research and compare their options through digital channels. They know there are several options available to them and won’t hesitate to switch if a brand or service provider doesn’t meet their expectations.

Numbers reflect those new attitudes. More than half of Americans have not gone through a planned purchase because of bad service, and 33% of consumers will think about switching after a single bad experience.

Your reputation is another reason to prioritize customer experience. Online reviews and ratings have become a crucial decision-making tool for customers, and 95% of buyers say they check online reviews before making a purchase.

Word-of-mouth marketing can help you grow and acquire new customers while maintaining a low average acquisition cost. Bad news travels fast because customers will on average tell 15 people about a bad experience, but will share a positive experience with only 11 people.

Customers have access to several channels to share their experiences and research products and services, including social media, review sites and message boards. Your customers are a valuable resource for growth. You should make customer experience one of your priorities to ensure that customers will want to make repeat purchases and recommend your business.

Outsourcing a call center improves the customer experience

Having a team of customer service preventatives available to answer questions and address issues is a great way to deliver the kind of positive customer experience your audience expects from you.

There are some benefits associated with outsourcing that customer service channel:

  • You can use your time and resources for other important tasks.
  • Customer service specialists with several years of experience in that field will assist your customers.
  • Those professionals will deliver an outstanding experience and ensure customer satisfaction with every call.
  • Relying on phone calls as a customer service channel helps you establish a more direct relationship with your audience and gain a better understanding of their frustrations and pain points.
  • You can have teams in different regions and time zones for optimal availability.
  • Your outsourced call center partner will help improve Customer Lifetime Value, reduce churn rate, lower customer acquisition costs and boost your revenues and profits.

It’s important to partner with a call center operator with several years of experience in customer service. But be sure to find out more about their best practices and training program, and to choose a partner that aligns with your business’ core values.

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