How Corporate Contact Centers Improve Customer Experience

Customer experience is shaped by corporate contact centers and touchpoints that connect a brand to its audience. Each of those touchpoints should deliver an experience that delights customers and strengthens the positive relationship you have with them.

A corporate contact center is a touchpoint that facilitates access to support and information. That type of interaction improves trust, loyalty and customer lifetime value, besides establishing the human touch so integral to CX.

The importance of corporate contact centers, CX, and customer service

Experience is the key differentiator that drives customers to choose a brand over price or product. Companies that focus on CX see their results improve in several areas.

An experience-centric strategy results in an average order value that is 1.9 times higher compared to brands that don’t prioritize CX. The customer retention rate of brands that embrace CX is 1.7 times higher on average.

Customer service and corporate contact center is an important element of that key differentiator since it’s a factor for 90% of customers when deciding whether or not to do business with a company.

Corporate contact centers as touchpoints

Consumers expect to be able to contact brands via different channels, including speaking with a representative over the phone. Companies with successful omnichannel customer engagement strategies typically see retention rates as high as 89%.

Integrating phone calls into the omnichannel experience helps customers establish an emotional connection with a brand. It’s also a convenient option for customers who want to complete complex transactions since phone calls are the preferred method of communication in those cases. Other channels aren’t as convenient and could result in a frustrating experience.

Customers increasingly expect to receive an immediate answer when they have a question, ideally within 10 minutes of contacting a brand. The phone is one of the best channels for meeting and exceeding that expectation.

Technology and human touch

Digital channels help consumers research their options and discover valuable content. Brands should strive to find a balance between relying on digital channels and establishing a human connection.

Rather than seeing technology and human touch as opposites, you should look for ways to use technology to support meaningful human connections with your audience. A corporate contact center is the perfect channel to deliver personalized attention and resolve issues quickly when there is a need to supplement digital channels.

The benefits of a remote workforce

According to 68% of customers, the customer service representative is the key to a positive service experience. Finding helpful professionals who can represent your brand in a positive manner and deliver outstanding CX is crucial.

Using a remote workforce for your corporate contact center offers some advantages. It’s easier for a remote team to create an ideal environment where employees can work with low noise levels and focus on delivering amazing customer service.

Working with a remote team is a cost-effective and flexible approach to customer service. You can add more representatives to your team as needed, ensure that representatives are available across different time zones and access a wider pool of talent.

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