Fuel Your Lead Generation Strategy by Boosting Your Customer’s Experience

Lead generation is only effective if it produces qualified leads. What many of today’s marketers seem to miss is that it doesn’t have to be a boring process.

In the digital age, lead generation provides many unique opportunities for reaching your target customer, and customer experience (CX) is today’s lead-generation fuel. Here’s how today’s digital marketers are using enhanced CX to resolve their lead-generation issues.

Use support tickets for high-quality leads

Did you know that you can turn your customer-support tickets into qualified leads? They provide another avenue for brands to generate high-quality leads. Decision-makers tune in to keywords and phrases to understand customer sentiment.

It’s important that you keep in mind that customers don’t mind paying more for a better experience. With so many options available, they now expect every CX to be better than the previous one.

Use support tickets as an opportunity to create a total brand experience your customers will remember. Create more business, longevity and leads by taking advantage of those tickets. CX agents can detect critical customer-experience signals by reading support tickets.

Easy-to-follow steps to enhance your CX.

  1. Build an emotional connection – Create that emotional connectionwith your customers by learning what their pain points are. Read customer-support tickets to be sure you understand their issues and concerns. Once you’re able to identify an issue clearly, provide complete solutions the first time around.
  2. Show empathy – Put yourself in your customers’ shoes. Imagine the experience you like to have when interacting with your favorite brands. Take away from your experiences the key wins and strategies to apply to your own customer-service strategies.
  3. Relieve your customer’s anxiety – Take quick action when customer-service issues arise. Quell your customer’s anxiety about his or her issue by explaining actions and next steps. Keep them updated on the status of their issues through email, text and social media.

Live Chat and the customer journey

There’re several ways to reach today’s savvy digital customers. Make the buying process easier for them by using more than one digital channel. Recognize that today’s digital customer problem-resolution style is different from that of their predecessors.

Introducing Live Chat into your CX framework can solve frequently asked questions and common issues.

Live Chat can explain important details and policies up front so customers always know what to expect. Provide critical contact information for service and support.

Remember that all customers aren’t on the same time frame. Automated options coupled with Live Chat give customers 24-hour access to guided support options.

Close with a human connection

When you think of top-notch brands, what’s the first thing that comes to mind? Is it the product or service you bought, or is it the experience you had with the brand representatives? In most cases, the answer is likely to be the one-on-one relationship you established.

Therefore, collecting positive feedback and excellent customer reviews is paramount to generating new leads. Today’s customers are looking for brands that have a proven track record of providing an excellent experience.

A simple Google search can make or break your sales prospects. Online shoppers rely heavily on the reviews and sentiments of your existing customers to make critical buying decisions. That’s why previous customer feedback is so valuable to your prospective customers.

Make sure that your internal and external CX is up to par. Give customers and employees the opportunity to provide your brand genuine feedback based on their positive experiences.

Provide your customers with an outstanding CX they can’t wait to tell their friends and family about. Those word-of-mouth referrals are leads, too!

Final Thoughts

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