Franchise Marketing

Helping Franchises Win Customers and Increase Revenue

Through Best in Class Customer Experience, Advanced Lead Generation Techniques and Digital Marketing, we will Help You Beat the Competition. 
Our core competencies and spheres of influence fall into three primary service and solution areas:

Customer Experience

Contact Center Services and Live Chat

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Both present and potential customers will visit your website to learn about your franchise business and what you offer. If you don’t have staff completely focused on both Inbound Calls  and Live Chat, most likely you are not answering customers when, where and how they want to meet you. They want questions answered right away.

Our contact center professionals answer your phone calls live lending a voice to your organization, or if your customer wants to chat, we can help. When you’re ready to gather feedback on the customer experience, sell additional services or just encourage them to revisit your store, we can reach out with Outbound Calls. This  allows your team to concentrate on your core function- to create a customer experience that will have customers returning to your franchise.

Your cost of customer acquisition will drop, customer retention will soar and revenue and profit will increase.
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Lead Generation

LinkedIn Strategy, Email, Text and Outbound Calling

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Whether you are a B2C or a B2B franchise we can help you increase your customer base. B2B organizations need to generate leads to close business. Our LinkedIn Sales Strategy provides you with a unique system that harnesses the world’s largest business database to provide you with warm leads from companies that want to talk with you.

Our process is not a software package that you have to manage- our program does the work for you. While you concentrate on closing deals, our team uses technology and human talent to create connections that turn into real leads. And our Outbound Proactive Outreach Appointment Setting program creates solid, qualified leads that are ready to talk with you about business.

Our team works with you to develop the ideal customer, searches all available databases and targets the potential customers through sophisticated business demographics. We develop our conversation guide, knowledge base and train our representatives on the objective of the call. These business-to-business reps will reach out to the decision maker, discuss the customer’s needs, qualify them, and set an appointment up with your team.

B2C franchises will normally utilize Text or Email marketing coupled with other marketing tools to search for, and draw customers to, your business.

97% of text messages are opened by consumers as of 2019.
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SEO/SEM, Social Media, Loyalty, Incentives, Website Development, and Media Strategy

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When new customers are looking for a service or product, they typically go to the internet searching on the top search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo and others.

Our SEO specialist will build a program to increase your organic rankings which will put you ahead of your competition. Digital advertising (SEM) will focus on placing ads on search engines like Google/Yahoo and social platforms like Facebook. Your ads will be placed where you customers are searching for the products/services you offer.

Content on Social Media engages potential customers and positions your franchise as the authority in your industry. Loyalty and Incentives help you retain customers and grow revenue from existing customers lowering acquisition cost.

Finally, our team can help you develop your Website and create a Media Strategy as part of the overall winning strategy.
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If you are looking to grow your franchise business, we utilize our LinkedIn Sales Strategy coupled with our Outbound Calling to find potential franchise owners. Our lead program targets owners that match the requirements needed to be successful owners in your organization.

Give us a call at (513) 847-0410 or reach out to us on our Contact Us page.

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