Five Tips for Nurturing Leads and Generating Sales on LinkedIn

LinkedIn has succeeded in carving out a niche for itself as a place where professionals can connect. It’s now a major platform for recruiting and a must-have B2B marketing channel with more than 660 million users.

LinkedIn can become a powerful lead generation tool and a great way to stay in touch with existing prospects while establishing a more personal connection with those prospects. Here are some strategies you can use to get better results with LinkedIn

Optimize your profile

A great profile can help you build trust. A professional profile picture, some details about your career and endorsements from the right people can make a world of difference.

Be strategic about what you put forward on your profile. With 57% of LinkedIn users on mobile, you’ll want to make sure the right information stands out right away on a small screen. Your job title is one of the key elements that mobile users will notice when they open your profile.

Identify the right prospects

Nurturing leads takes time. Use that time effectively by identifying the right leads. The following are some effective strategies you can use to find prospects:

  • Connect in person or on another platform before adding prospects on LinkedIn.
  • Identify prospects based on their location.
  • Use the “people also viewed” sidebar on the profiles of your best prospects to find users with similar profiles.
  • See who your main competitors are connecting with.
  • Check the profiles of your top prospects and see whose skills they have endorsed.
  • Pay attention to who comments on your prospects’ posts.

Nurture leads

You can fan the flames of your leads by creating interactions that feel genuine and personalized. Sending a direct message is the best way to nurture a lead if there have been previous contacts and you have a specific offer or information to share with the prospect. You can also maintain a connection by commenting on posts or congratulating a contact for a work anniversary.

Publish content

Among B2B marketers who have a presence on social media, 94% use LinkedIn to publish content. LinkedIn is a hub for keeping up with industry trends, sharing thought-provoking ideas and stepping into one’s role as a thought leader.

Quality content can become a powerful tool for lead generation since users will share it. Interacting with prospects through comments is another way to nurture those relationships.

Your content should be inspiring, educational and valuable. You can make it more engaging by adding images or creating videos. Videos are the fastest-growing type of content on LinkedIn and are more likely to start conversations.

Advertise on LinkedIn

Paid promotions can support your lead generation efforts. These are a few options to explore on LinkedIn:

  • Text ads and sponsored content appear in users’ feeds. Use those formats to increase awareness and draw attention to important updates about your organization.
  • Messaging ads appear directly in users’ inboxes. They can feel more personalized and are ideal for campaigns that use hypersegmentation.

EagleOne can help you establish a presence on LinkedIn or improve an existing campaign.  Our programs are completely Done for You, not automated processes that require you spending every day working inside your LinkedIn profile.   Our team members will recommend the best strategies for lead generation, lead nurturing and generating sales. Get in touch with us to learn more:

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