How is Eagle 1 Group different from other customer services offers?

Eagle One provides personalized service from a team that is trained on the client’s specific goals and issues. The team is supported by the latest technology which allows them insight to the customers’ past interaction. This allows our team to personalize the conversation. The MOST important difference is that our team is on salary which means they can take time and are trained to genuinely care about the customer’s requests, their woes, and their goals. Our team are trained to listen with their heart as well as their mind. Heartfelt support is felt by the customer.

We track everything and can provide client with strategic feedback. We hire professionals, often semi-retired executives, who already have had years of professional training. All our people are skilled and praised for their humane and compassionate approach to customer service. We try to make everyone feel like they get 50s style small town personalized service. Yes, you can buy love when you hire Eagle 1 Group to nurture your customer relationships.

Our latest technology allows us to answer the phones, emails, chat promptly in record time. We allow our clients to listen in on the calls anytime they please. This also helps us to provide verification of the kind and sweet natured style our team brings to each interaction.

We heard Eagle 1 Group is slightly more expensive than other comparable services.

Yes, we appear to charge a bit more for our white-glove service than companies in India, the Philippines, Jordan, etc. However, it also depends on how you count. When it comes to results our inbound team outperforms our competitors every time. Because we genuinely care about your customers we don’t charge you for putting them on hold – we don’t put them on hold for hours which is often charged for by “comparable” services. While we train our people to upsell on services they are not paid based on those sales. This allows them to provide genuine advice to each customer that actually fits the customer’s needs. By helping you create a heartfelt and respectful relationship with the customer’s you safe in the long run. We consistently improve customer retention, your customers will learn to trust us as the go to for advice on your product line, which increases the Lifetime Value of your customer relationship. We therefore bring down the cost of customer acquisition overtime, help you retain customers which strengthens your monthly bottom line and improves your cashflow. We reduce the rate of customer defection which is rampant by the horrible experiences many companies suffer when treaded in the industry standard way . We hope to bring the small town feel to each customer.

Our style of customer service improves your brand value. We treat each customer like an old friend. Our team reflects genuine appreciation of the value each of your customer brings to your business. This can be measured year over year in improved ROI, bigger and growing monthly cash flow, repeated sales and customer retention. Our clients assure us that it is worth every penny of the initial investment. Over time they learn that Eagle 1 Group actually is MORE affordable than the competition, when measurable results come in.

How can Eagle 1 Group consistently provide respectful and genuinely caring customer service?

Many of our team members have worked with us for over 25 years. We started out as a family run company and fostered this atmosphere. Our older team members share their experiences with the new team members and each person on our team feels valued. We support them when they fall ill. We support them when they go through a natural disaster. We treat each member like they belong now and forever. We train them, let the grow with the firm, and we encourage them to treat each customer with the same love and respect we treat them. This sense of belonging, this sense of support, this knowledge that they are valued and respected trickles down into their conversations with the customers. Our firm’s management are “old-fashioned” Catholics who believe in the Agape principle of love. When people experience genuine trust and respect they quickly adapt it as their own new lifestyle and pass it on.

How can I find out if Eagle 1 Group services work for our company?

The best way is to schedule a call with us. Just call us at 513-847-0410 or write us at info@eagle1group.com to set up an exploratory appointment. This initial conversation allows us to learn about you, your firm’s needs, and your budgets. We then customize a program for you that allows you to test the services. Once we create the initial metrics over the first three month period, you can have confidence in the result, and grow your budget as your sales grow and or based on the sales your company can handle without too much stress. Think of us as your internal customer services, sales support and marketing team. We also provide market research, back office support which allows you to run your firm like a large company and grow it like a Fortune 1000 company does. Mid size company often find it a much more cost effective way to grow their company without the huge capital investment it takes to set up the technology needed to provide modern style, customizable services.

We are here for you and will work closely with you to meet your needs. Call 513-847-0410 or go to Calendly for an orientation.