Email Marketing & Social Media: How to Integrate Them Seamlessly

Identifying and managing channels for an email marketing campaign isn’t about choosing the channel that represents the best investment, but about figuring out how to combine different channels to deliver a seamless omnichannel experience thanks to marketing integration.

Marketers who use three or more channels along with an automated workflow typically see their engagement rate exceed 18%, while marketers who rely on a single channel have an average engagement rate of five percent. The average retention rate is 90% higher for the first group of marketers.

It’s clear that combining channels leads to a more effective email marketing campaign. Let’s take a closer look at how you can use email marketing and social media together to improve engagement.

Why email marketing integration matters

The modern customer journey is a mix of self-directed exploration, personalized recommendations and human interactions. Brands need to deliver the right content at the right time to create an emotional connection and help consumers make the best purchase decisions possible.

Email marketing integration aligns with the digital habits of the modern customer. Most customers, 71%, say they want a consistent experience across the different channels they use. With customer experience as the key differentiator between brands, delivering a consistent experience through marketing integration could set you apart from the competition.

Different channels for different goals and experiences

Being able to weave in and out of different digital channels gives users the ability to choose the channel that is the most adapted to their goal. Your email marketing and social media marketing campaigns need to account for those different goals.

Users typically use social media to:

  • Seek social proof before choosing a brand.
  • Discover content that will delight them.
  • Share content with their connections.
  • Engage with brands and make their voices heard.
  • Connect with brands in a human way.
  • Reach out to customer service and get a quick answer.

Emails fulfill different purposes, allowing customers to:

  • Discover personalized recommendations.
  • Discover more in-depth content.
  • Expand their knowledge through a series of informative emails.
  • Interact with a designated salesperson.

How to integrate social media and email marketing

These strategies will help you deliver a seamless omnichannel experience:

  • Use automation to deliver the right content at the right time, including customized content or a series of emails that is the logical next step after an interaction on social media.
  • Add social media buttons to your emails to boost shares and traffic.
  • Let your email list know about your social media profiles by mentioning the advantages of connecting with your brand on those platforms and by keeping them up to date with new features, such as being able to use messaging features for customer service.
  • Use social media to collect emails and promote your email list. Share an offer or link on social media and ask for an email address to deliver the content.
  • Turn your email list into a target audience for your social media ads.
  • Create exclusive clubs on Facebook and other platforms and use them to share special offers with prospects who have subscribed to your email list.

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