EagleONE is Blessed – Literally! – A Labor Day for the Books…

All those who ride the entrepreneurial roller-coaster of being a business owner know that counting our blessings is something we can never take for granted. As we’ve all experienced, the high’s can be mountaintops and the lows can be deep, dark valleys – so we had better be mindful of the roses along the way.

EagleONE had just such a moment on Labor Day weekend. As a company, we have experienced monumental growth, for which we are very thankful. Our clients and our family of employees truly make us who we are and allow for such momentum to build. As we opened our newest location, our second in Cincinnati, we decided we wanted to make sure that the location was blessed.

As faith would have it, my spiritual mentor and long-time friend, Deacon Jerry Sasson agreed to my request to have him come over to the newest location for a blessing before we started work in the facility on 3 September. We were surrounded by family for the occasion and Deacon Jerry was so very gracious to come and bless our facilities.

I also want to give a special thanks to our COO, Diane Hutzel and our VP of Operations, Steve Terrell. They led a team of folks over the last month to help make our newest location not only fully functional so we can serve our clients, but a nourishing and flourishing environment that our family of employees can thrive in as they work each day.

I am so very grateful to be involved in such a wonderful organization surrounded by people of quality. Deacon Jerry’s visit and blessing of our work environment will be a moment I cherish forever.