Defining the Ultimate Customer Experience to Drive Revenue

The overall customer experience (CX) is increasingly vital to success in almost every industry. The digital revolution has opened many channels and touchpoints for businesses to reach customers. Technologies like automation and social media have transformed the way customers are serviced and redefined the nature of CX in its entirety. The focus is no longer on just pushing the customer journey from awareness to purchase. It is now essential to identify the ultimate customer experience and strive to provide great CX for the people you serve – not just for reputation, but for revenue. In fact, 86% of buyers are willing to pay more for a great customer experience and by 2020, it’s predicted that CX will overtake price as the ultimate differentiator for any brand. Companies that embrace this strategy are thriving.   

A guide to CX: What’s included? 

Your customer experience is the amalgam of every touchpoint your business has with customers or potential customers. Touchpoints could include: 

Initial awareness builders: This includes any point where a prospect first learns about you, such as banners and signage, advertisements, Google search results and referrals from friends. 

Community spaces: These are channels where you build community and rapport with customers, such as in their email inbox or mailbox at home, all social media content, your blogs and articles, YouTube videos you post, your podcast, events you host, and conversations between your team and your customers. 

Features of your brand and the products: Your actual products and the services you offer are touchpoints, too. This includes the process of onboarding a new client to your service or the packaging around the products you sell. Brand reputation markers such as press mentions of your brand may also fall into this group. 

Customer service itself: At the core of your CX lies the people, platforms and the processes you build to serve customers directly. Website navigability, low friction to browse and purchase products, and excellent support when something goes wrong will all be key to the success of your CX.   Remember all CX is ultimately driven by the customer service team that utilizes the platforms and processes for your organization.   

Identifying the best possible customer experience 

You may be wondering what the best practices in CX should be. Though this question is valid, it’s ultimately unanswerable in any meaningful way that could apply to all industries. While all customer experiences for any brand or industry should be customer-centric, convenient, simple and supportive, there are a million-and-one ways to accomplish those goals. There’s no right answer across the board, but there is data you can gather to support your CX decisions. 

How to measure and analyze CX 

How do you know if your CX is good or bad? More essentially, how do you know what is good and bad about your CX and make a plan to improve upon it? CX is analyzed in three key ways: qualitative data, quantitative data, and observation. You’ll gather a mix of all three by taking these five steps: 

  • Cull reviews 
  • Use Google Analytics
  • Review service touchpoints 
  • Ask questions 

How to improve CX for better results 

Once you have holistically observed and audited your CX, it’s time to determine what works. Look at the feedback, the website data, and the observations you have made and extrapolate. Patch the holes you’ve found in your process. Bring your team up to speed. Implement and enforce your new CX across every channel. Here are a few steps to get you going: 

  • Train your people 
  • Perform research 
  • Constantly update products and services 
  • Document the processes 
  • Solve problems 
  • Let it be known 

Customer experience is the future of business success. If your CX is poor, it will not matter how savvy your marketing and sales teams are nor how excellent your products and services may be. As you begin to improve upon your CX, consider the people, technology, and processes you might need to help you along the way.  

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