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Inbound Customer Experience Solutions

Customers are looking to engage with your company when, where, and how they want.

Customers are looking to engage with your company when, where, and how they want.   Whether they contact you for service or to buy your products, they demand a superior experience.  We offer cost-effective,  enterprise-level service through our Customer Experience Team.   Whether you are looking for Inbound Customer Care, Outbound Outreach, Back Office Support, or Market Research to understand your customers better, EagleONE has a solution. 

Accompany your clients purchasing journey

The Services


  • Phone
  • Chat
  • Email


  • Phone, Chat, Email
  • Customer Retention
  • Information Calls

Back Office 

  • Outsource Repetitive Operations
  • Customer Service Support
  • Sales and Marketing Operations

Market Research

  • Surveys
  • Qualitative and Quantitative Analysis
  • Focus Groups
  • Competitive Intelligence

Inbound Phone, Chat, Email

Regardless of how your customers wish to communicate with your brand, EagleONE can provide that support. Our team of seasoned Inbound professionals work with you to build a customized program that enhances the customer experience and creates loyal customers. We strive to develop solutions that allow your customers to communicate with your brand with the least effort possible.

 Outbound Phone, Chat, Email

We build teams of customer experience experts. They help create strategies for accomplishing your goals to sell and retain clients. If your objective is to develop new sales, our first step is to understand who your ideal client is now and in the future. Once we fully understand the program’s goals, we create sales targets using technology, processes, and 150 years of management expertise. We turn target prospects into qualified, informed leads for your sales team to close. If your goal is to retain customers, we are experts at creating additional customer touches when needed. We develop a target list of your customers and reach out to them for different purposes: welcome calls, thank you calls, feedback calls, or any other touch that transforms the customer into a delighted advocate for your company.

Back Office

EagleONE helps you organize and improve back-office efficiency and significantly impacts its success.  Our teams can process large volumes of data including claims, applications, billing and any transaction that requires human intervention.   Our experience includes work across a variety of industries including mortgage, healthcare, finance, telecommunications, education, retail, e-commerce, energy, non-profit and any industry where efficiency is essential.  When you strengthen your back-office functions, increase ROI and profits.  We work with your team to determine which functions in your organization can best be handled by our team.

Market Research

Market Research for the sake of research is a waste of resources.  Quality research of your industry, trends, and customers will bring measurable results.  Winning companies track progress and refine their plans with useful data and take action.   Whether you are looking to understand the impact your new product or service receives, looking to stay ahead of your competition, or need to find an investor to take your business to the next level, EagleONE can help you find the answer.   We help you make data-driven decisions.

None of our solutions are for everyone, so we encourage a brief discovery call. It will focus on you, your value proposition, your target populations, and your necessary ROI. It will last 15 minutes, and we design it to gather information for an informed assessment of your situation.

We welcome the opportunity to explore these services with you. Please contact us at 513.847.0410 or to schedule a 15-minute discovery session to discover whether our lead generation strategies are right for you.