Applaud your exciting Sales People

The methodology by which they help more subdued members of your team may need to be guided by you as their leader, without trying to corral either of them into some predetermined box. But they have passion and good intent and can fuel a team when it’s down. What’s more, these big personalities can inspire those around them. Because these people are selfless in their own ways, though their methods unorthodox, you can count on them in a pinch, especially when the chips are down. So can your team.…Continue readingApplaud your exciting Sales People

Sincere appreciation fosters your teams’ inherent loyalty

If your team, or even a single member believes they’ve not only been given the time and authority to contribute, but then can take ownership of the success of their ideas, they will be fully vested in you and your organization. What I am suggesting is that there will be an inherent loyalty you create in your team and that sincere appreciation to the cause will manifest itself in how long a tenure they have with you as well as what they’re will to do to make sure they are contributing (more sales). Give me loyalty over raw talent any day.…Continue readingSincere appreciation fosters your teams’ inherent loyalty