Can Bridging The Silo Gap Improve CX in Healthcare?

Many of the current customer experience (CX) challenges in the healthcare industry are a direct result of disconnected administrative and patient-focused functions.

According to Forbes, this creates an end-to-end buying journey that lacks uniformity and clarity, which can result in fragmented care and/or patient misinformation. For something as serious as medical care, any misstep can send patients searching for your competitors.

When some healthcare organizations are boasting a near 1:1 touchpoint to scheduled appointment ratio, you’ll want to establish a similar standard for your clinic’s customer experience to stay competitive.

The customer journey in healthcare is long and complex, but there are plenty of steps to take on the path toward improvement.

CX Management

Whether you’re a boutique healthcare provider or a national organization, tracking your active customer information is a serious undertaking. This is where modern healthcare technologies can assist in consolidating both the customer experience and customer management.

Your hospital or clinic’s patient touchpoints should be as digital and as accessible as possible. Efficient and effective email communication offers patients valuable information, such as appointment reminders or health and wellness tips.

A comprehensive patient portal for easy access to records, documents and other important information is an important CX technology that healthcare providers should use to close gaps in communication.

Housing patient data and siloed marketing functions under a single, all-in-one platform can give you a bird’s-eye view to identify and address gaps in the patient journey. A cloud-based platform can integrate with your existing tools and be scaled to your organization’s specific needs. Creating a centralized hub for all of your operational activities will streamline customer experiences from scheduling to billing.

Better Data Attributes

To give your patients the best healthcare CX, know who your consumers really are. This requires an investment in the accuracy and depth of your customer database. You can’t benefit from your data if you can’t trust it. For a more accurate analysis, look into services that cut out invalid user data from your database.

Once you’ve cleaned up your database, consider adding tools and services that gather demographic, contextual and cross-channel user data. This will help you better understand who your customers are and what precisely they need from you.

Greg Poffenroth, director of CX at West Monroe Partners, asserts that the steps taken to improve your customer experience will also result in increased internal communications, awareness and productivity.

Advancing The Dialogue

Improved customer service starts internally with a commitment to unify the CX across the enterprise, as well as all patient communications. Your entire organization should understand how each action impacts your customer’s perception of your company.

Emphasize strong internal communications to illuminate the gaps in the CX. Encourage your teams to be proactive in problem solving to create bridges between these gaps. This creates a sense of collective responsibility toward nurturing a comprehensive, efficient and pleasant healthcare CX.

Additionally, establish an environment that focuses on delighting patients and forging lasting customer relationships, rather than simply fulfilling basic customer needs or meeting the status quo.

Once your organization is on the same page internally, you can really start to get creative with your CX solutions. From initial touchpoint messaging and deliverables that offer users unique insights into what makes you different, to value-driven content that positions you as “the authority” in your field, you can utilize your collective investment in improving your CX.

Marketing technology, back office processes, messaging and data aggregation and analysis will refine and streamline your communications. By strengthening internal processes and technologies, you can advance communications to ensure your messaging and overall patient journey is a positive and productive experience at all points in the journey.

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Don’t allow your CX to slip through the cracks.

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