Meet The Team

Michael Hutzel, Co-Founder & CEO

As CEO, Mike leads the teams associated with revenue for the company, that include the sales teams, partners and allies, consultative partnerships and franchises. Mike leads the vision of EagleONE and contributes to the ongoing adaptations and modifications that best suit our client needs.

Mike’s most recent noteworthy professional accomplishment is being a contributing author to The Franchise Bible, 9th Edition, released world-wide by Entrepreneur Magazine on 20 April 2021. His best personal accomplishments ever were marrying his best friend Nicole and becoming a dad.

Mike is a committed Catholic whose faith is a central part of his daily life. He is an Army Brat of the 101st Airborne Army and the proud father of a United States Marine. The values associated with his faith coupled with the life-lessons learned in a military family all contribute to his work-life, building up clients and the family at EagleONE.

Mike is passionate about Men’s Ministries like Christ Renews His Parish and Knights of Columbus. He enjoys time away with his family on a beach, fishing and diving, Spanish, playing the guitar and cigars.

Mike is also known the world over as one of the premier Gummy Bear connoisseurs.

Diane Hutzel, Co-Founder/COO/CFO

As COO and CFO, I manage all the various teams in the call center. I Have over 31 years of experience in the Industry. Understanding the many different personalities of the agents in the center is a full-time job in itself. I also have accepted the challenges of the accounting department.

I have worked with the U.S. Military for several years helping them with recruitments for Job Fairs and raising Charitable Donations. I spent many years as a military wife and traveled to many domestic and foreign military posts. And with much pride I would like to mention that my eldest grandson has chosen the life of a young United States Marine! 

I am a certified Focus Group Moderator who can conduct groups of 100 participants or more who actively can take part in qualitative and quantitative research studies.

I am an ardent Roman Catholic individual who believes in respect, honor, and truthfulness in all working and living applications. This gives credence to treating everyone the same way as you would expect to be treated.

Some of my favorite activities outside of work are spending quality time with my grandchildren. Family gatherings   are an essential part of my life.

Being that I am a thrill seeker, I enjoy riding all types of roller coasters and yes it is fair to say “ The higher and faster they are the better!

Jim Borum, Chief Customer Experience Officer

Jim is Eagle One’s CXO.   Jim works closely with clients to improve their customer experience in order to improve revenue and profit.   The CX model at EagleONE is driven by passion, process and data.

A veteran of the customer experience industry, Jim is a sought-after judge most recently adjudicating the prestigious Global Stevie Awards in the category of Customer Service in 2020 and 2021.   He holds several industry designations including Six Sigma, COPC (Customer Operations Performance Center Certification), and is a graduate in Executive Leadership, Johnson School of Management, Cornell University.

Jim has an entrepreneurial spirit greatly influenced by his own upbringing in a family-owned business.   His day-to-day commitment to our clients is driven by the desire to provide business solutions in an ethical and honest manner solving customer problems and creating opportunities.

Jim loves the beach, college football (Go SEC), and his family.   As a former musician, he follows Drum and Bugle Corps across the United States.

Jim is known for his keen knowledge of all things Southern.   Nothing better in the Summer than a goober and a Coke. 

Stephan Terrell, EVP of Technical Operations

As the EVP of Technical Operations, Stephan oversees the day-to-day operations of multiple departments within the EagleONE organization such as IT, Reports, and QA. Stephan helps in the oversight of the call center as well.

Stephan’s most recent accomplishment was being promoted to EVP of Technical Operations. Stephan has held multiple positions in the industry from a call center agent to his most recent position over his 20-year career.

Stephan’s hard work and ethical standards have been honed not only by his professional life, but his personal life as well. Stephan aspires to continue to bring those qualities to everything he does no matter how large or tough the task at hand may be each day.

When at home, Stephan enjoys being around his family and more importantly his first grandchild. Stephan finds solace in the mundane task of working out in the yard, which allows him to recharge his batteries to continue to excel in his professional life.

Stephan is known for his humor and sarcasm and will do almost anything to make someone laugh.

Ross Geiger, EVP Business Development

As EVP of Business Development, Ross focuses on sales, sales processes, training, and sales communications.  Ross works collaboratively with prospects, clients, and franchisees in packaging EagleONE’s services to help our clients grow and thrive. 

Ross comes to EagleONE following a very successful career in Commercial Banking.  He has worked with companies in every industry vertical.  This experience brings a unique understanding of the sales, marketing, financial, and operational challenges that companies face.  All these areas represent opportunities for companies to achieve more success. 

A committed Catholic, Ross brings a service-first approach to business and his relationships with others.  He asks, “how can I serve?” before “how can I win”?   He is the proud father of successful adults Ross and Kirsten and the undeservedly blessed husband of Martha. 

Ross has a “need for speed.”  He enjoys motorcycling and boating.  Cross country trips, on his Harley Davidson, are his favorite vacations.  He is also a “foodie,” bourbon, and craft beer enthusiast.

It was a glorious personal victory when Ross defeated Norm from Cheers in beer trivia before thousands of festivalgoers at Oktoberfest Zinzinnati. 

Leslie Lee, Executive Director, Marketing Strategy

As the Executive Director for Marketing Strategy, Leslie develops, executes, and monitors the lead generation campaigns. She plays an important role in our success because she works hard to ensure our clients’ success. She zeroes in on a project’s key performance indicators and trains teammates to ensure the best outcomes.

Leslie truly has honed her problem-solving and communication skills after many years in the business world. Her ethics are outstanding. Her dedication is exemplary. She is constantly learning and growing.

She’s the mother of a beautiful daughter with special needs — and a passion for side-splitting jokes. When not at work, Leslie loves to bake and decorate cakes, cookies, and cupcakes, pies, not so much!  Leslie and her family enjoy day trips exploring new places to state parks, farmer’s markets, festivals, and museums.

Edie Okamoto, Chief Strategic Officer

As CSO, Edie serves as the Chief Strategic Officer, in support of the digital marketing and social media marketing department. She brings over 45 years of classic data driven media and international business development experience to the effort which is clearly reflected in superior outcomes of the Eagle One Group social ad/viral campaigns. She emphasizes that all Eagle One campaigns must be centered on ROI.

Edie’s most recent noteworthy professional accomplishment is that she has learned to adapt her work with multi-million dollar international budgets assisting with the world wide launches of major Fortune 1000 companies to working with franchises with often tiny budgets.  She honed these new social media skills through non-profit work.

She is proud of being able to use a tiny social media budget, as low as $3000 per month, and still create several hundred percentage points ROI above the previous agency.

Edie is committed to using her vast experience to assist clients, friends, and communities in creating or gaining jobs, improving equity, enjoyment of life and alleviating the effects of poverty. She recently joined the board of the German Ladies General Benevolent Society of San Francisco.

Edie enjoys walks in nature, time with family and friends, the arts and music, AI technology, and babysitting.