The long lasting legacy of the Wizard of Oz

Sincere appreciation fosters your teams’ inherent loyalty

This is a copy of the the Sales Management Advice written by Mike Hutzel in 2019 – A Supplement to The Alphabet Article Series – The ABCs of Solving Sales Problems – 3 O’s

“To live is the rarest thing in the world. Most people exist, that’s all.”  This quote from Irish poet Oscar Wilde should give you pause and rattle your core. If nothing else, as a sales leader or business owner, it should have you considering your company culture, your sales team, and the amount of LIFE that’s flowing through it. Since this topic is a bit more qualifiable than quantifiable, let’s relate it back to the last “O” in the article this week, originality.

Enter: Master Oogway & The Wizard of Oz

I have to be honest, Master Oogway is by far one of the coolest Dream Works animated characters ever. I have a total tortoise crush on him. Not only is he a Galapagos tortoise, but he is THE MAN. Here’s why. His leadership style is one in which he can take his followers down the path they need to go by using THEIR strengths. He speaks in a way that gives his students a chance to think for themselves, to consider options, and most importantly to come up with the solution on their own. As an owner or leader, it can be difficult to let that kind of process come to fruition. For one, it can take time. Each person comes to positive conclusions in their own way and in their own time. Also, it promotes the originality that I spoke about in this week’s article.

OK, Mike. This is all very Feng Shui, but how does it help my sales team?!

Here’s how. If your team, or even a single member believes they’ve not only been given the time and authority to contribute, but then can take ownership of the success of their ideas, they will be fully vested in you and your organization. What I am suggesting is that there will be an inherent loyalty you create in your team and that sincere appreciation to the cause will manifest itself in how long a tenure they have with you as well as what they’re will to do to make sure they are contributing (more sales). Give me loyalty over raw talent any day.

And now for the wizard. Oz, in his own “behind the curtain” way, took 4 complete strangers and brought out the very best in each of them. The journey mattered, make no mistake, as did the trials and tribulations along the way. But as the plot unfolds, what we find is that his gifts to them, the lion his courage, the scarecrow his brain, the tin man his heart, and Dorothy got a way home – are all just gifts they had inside themselves in the first place.

What’s truly magical about OZ is that he recognized and celebrated them. As a sales leader, you should consider the same. But note, it will take the journey (time together), it will take some trials (successes and failures) and it will take effort on your part. You will have to be looking for the gifts your team possesses, and some may be harder to find than others. But by looking, nurturing, and ultimately celebrating those strengths, your team will you know you care. And that will carry a lot of weight with them as they follow you, especially when times get tough.

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