5 Little Known Ways to Use LinkedIn Marketing as a B2B Sales Tool

If you’re already active on LinkedIn, you know the value the B2B platform has to offer. But, did you also know you can use LinkedIn marketing as a B2B sales tool? Marketers already use the popular social business platform to turn online contacts into valuable leads.


Common misconceptions about LinkedIn Marketing

  1. Not enough users – According to the 2019 B2B Marketing Report, LinkedIn remains the top social media platform for B2B marketing. LinkedIn boasts over 400 million users, and among them, you’re bound to run into your target online audience. The great part about LinkedIn is that it’s a social site designed for business networking that places a high value on a business-user’s experience. When we think of LinkedIn, most of us already think of serious business.
  2. It’s too small compared with Facebook – While Facebook has crossed over into more than a billion users, that number must be compared with a business and social network specifically designed for the experience of business-to-business The sole purpose of LinkedIn is to connect professionals, brands and job-seekers worldwide. So far, it appears to be doing its job with built-in tools to boost your lead-generation campaigns.

Now that you understand the value (and reach) of the popular business-to-business social network, here are ways to use LinkedIn to your advantage and improve your user experience. Some of the best tools for managing your LinkedIn marketing, lead-generation campaigns and how they work are:

  1. Ad Targeting – LinkedIn makes it easier than ever for marketers to reach their intended audience within a specified set of demographics.
  2. LinkedIn’s Audience Network – The feature extends your campaign reach to the members of your selected demographics who use mobile devices and smartphones. It helps you reach more viewers with one message sent to high-quality publishers within your targeted demographics.
  3. Sponsored Content Creation – Run native ads in the LinkedIn feed that display directly on the user’s desktop and mobile devices. Create your own audience using the selected LinkedIn profile data to guarantee you’re reaching the right demographic and providing the best user experience. Build a highly qualified audience.
  4. Lead-generation form creation – Collect and track highly qualified leads right from your LinkedIn newsfeed with pre-fillable lead-generation forms. Learn more about your target audience’s preferences and important details, including cost per lead, lead-form fill rate and the number of leads generated by your selected segments.
  5. Conversion Tracking – Use conversion tracking to measure the performance of your LinkedIn ads. Track critical data and improve future campaigns based on reliable analytics data. Find out who’s viewed your ad and who’s more likely to convert to a purchaser. Learn what interests your target demographic has, and more.


EagleONE offers a LinkedIn Program that delivers warm leads to your sales staff. We work behind the scenes using LinkedIn to develop leads. This is not a Do It Yourself software program rather a sophisticated process to develop leads while allowing you to focus on the core competencies of your business.

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EagleONE can help you drive your customer experience, lead generation and digital marketing results. We offer total marketing solutions for today’s companies that get results. Contact one of our team members today to discuss.

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