Customer Experience Tips – 4 Ways to Generate More Revenue by Fine-Tuning Your CX

It may take only one strike for a brand to permanently lose a customer, and there are a number of steps a business can take to perpetuate a positive customer experience.

In fact, almost half of the customers stated that they would “never do business with a brand again after having a single negative experience,” according to customer experience survey from New Voice Media, and covered by Forbes magazine.

Don’t keep customers out of the loop in order to maximize the customer’s experience

Customers don’t feel that today’s brands value their business, and it shows. Being unable to get answers to simple questions, sometimes from rude or unhelpful employees when interacting with customer service contact centers, is a top consumer complaint.

Additionally, many consumers cringe at the thought of being caught in an automated customer service phone loop. As a result, they often give up, never getting their questions answered. And such an experience can permanently damage a brand. As the new adage goes, “Always put the customer first.”

Address your internal customer’s experience first

Smart brands are feeling their customer’s pain and responding by revamping their internal and external customer service strategies. The customer experience starts from within. Disgruntled employees representing the face of your brand can be quite damaging to your bottom line. But, why are some employees disgruntled?

As employees are your internal customers and the face of your brand, address the matter before it becomes a problem by improving employee engagement and customer service training.

Analyze relevant feedback, then take action

Reduce the potential loss of customers by regularly addressing customer feedback. Robust and honest feedback gives brands a clear view of how your customers are feeling about a product or experience.

Provide real solutions for your customers and seal the deal by making the buying process as easy as possible. “Serial switchers” are customers who constantly change brands because of poor customer experiences. Unhappy customers can be easily enticed with free-trials, promotional rates and frictionless customer service engagements.

Don’t be afraid to ask the hard questions when creating customer feedback surveys. The ultimate goal is to make buying (and using) your products and services as easy as possible for your customers.

Customer Experience impacts revenue

According to Quicksprout, brands can gain a 42% increase in consumer retention by maintaining positive cx, as well as realize a 33% improvement in customer satisfaction levels and a 32% increase in cross-sales.

Happy customers are more likely to repurchase, refer your company to their peers and will spend more money. In fact, 86% of consumers are likely to pay more for a product or service if attached to a strong cx.

Make sure you’re meeting your customers where they are, and provide multiple options for contacting support outside of traditional contact center customer service channels.

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