4-Step Guide to Franchisee Marketing Solutions (That Drive Results!)

One benefit of owning a franchise is that you buy into a proven out-of-the-box solution for success. The downside is the ever-growing difficulty of finding new franchisee marketing solutions that drive results.

We created this special four-step guide to help franchisees kick-start your marketing results!

Step 1: Create a central access hub to boost interoperability

In today’s connected world, using technology is the fastest way to centralize and manage your franchise operations. Use technology to create a central hub (or intranet) where franchisees log in and gain access to the latest franchise-related news, trends and global operations updates.

Franchisee intranet solutions act as a virtual watercooler for accessing answers to frequently asked questions and providing updates on franchise community news. A key function of your franchisee marketing hub is to provide education, training, and support for day-to-day operations.

Creating self-support options empowers franchisees to improve their operations and marketing strategies at a time that works best with their busy schedules.

Improving interoperability between franchisees and franchisors ensures that key franchise personnel and decision-makers are (literally) operating from the same page.

Self-support options should answer frequently asked questions related to:

  1. Training materials/resources
  2. Customizable marketing templates
  3. Operating policies/procedures
  4. Internal updates
  5. Common Questions
  6. Franchisee support

Step 2: Double your marketing efforts to reduce franchisee dissatisfaction

Franchisees sometimes feel they have been misled when they can’t meet predicted marketing and sales goals.

To help quell franchisee dissatisfaction, create a supportive and dynamic culture that encourages franchisees to pool their marketing efforts (and dollars) to get better local results.

According to Forbes, location density translates into more efficient marketing efforts. With franchisee marketing solutions, two heads are definitely better than one. Because of this new understanding, franchisees in regional markets are taking action to pool local resources to double their marketing efforts (and dollars) that attract more local prospects.

Step 3. Create customizable templates for launching local campaigns

Keep franchisees aware of the latest marketing initiatives and deliver promotional materials in a timely fashion to meet important deadlines. Create customizable templates that uniformly display brand logos and marketing messages.

Using pre-built templates makes it easier for franchisees to launch local campaigns using the latest promotional materials customized to feature local imagery.

Make promotional materials easily accessible via a central access point (like the employee intranet we mentioned earlier). Use examples of existing marketing materials and past high-performing campaigns to get your campaign creativity flowing.

Adding images and representations of local culture in localized campaigns involves the community in your franchise story in a meaningful way.

To make your local campaigns memorable, be sure that your campaigns authentically represent the views and flavor of local culture. Track and measure important key performance indicators like increases in web traffic or online sales within a particular region to gauge campaign success.

Step 4. Make social customer service a priority

It may surprise you to know who is reading your tweets or Facebook timeline to make future buying decisions. A recent research study by Sprout Social found that 71% of customers were more willing to purchase from brands after a positive social interaction.

Social media creates a huge opportunity for franchisees to positively engage with your customers while simultaneously building a strong sense of culture and loyalty around your brand.

Use social customer service as an opportunity for large-scale issue resolution and two-way communication with prospects and existing customers. Take a note from popular franchises like Wendy’s as an example of franchises who are killing it at social customer service.

Final thoughts: Do you need help developing innovative franchisee marketing solutions?

EagleONE can help you drive your customer experience, lead generation, and digital marketing results. We offer total marketing solutions for today’s franchisees that get results. Contact one of our team members today to discuss.  

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